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Four simple activities to help fight infections

DO-Touch.NET has been contributing resources to help clinicians and their patients manage their lives during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. After sharing one of our earlier posts, a viewer asked about techniques that someone could do by oneself to help the body resist or recover from an infection.

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Supportive OMT Therapies for COVID-19 Resistance

While scientists work to find specific cures for Covid-19, the medical profession attempts to offer ways to support the body while it fights the disease. Many clinical approaches have been used to help support the body during past viral epidemics, and one has been osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMT).

Your clinician has the training to provide this approach using techniques that have been used over the last century to help people fight against viral infections and pneumonia.

Consider discussing with your osteopathically-trained clinician this video as a potential option to empower your body to resist the effects of this virus.

Thank you to our Practice-Based Research Network member Dr Michael Leins, DO for submitting the following video.

Multicenter Osteopathic Pneumonia Study of the Elderly (MOPSE) – OMT Techniques

In this era of Covid-19, the world struggles to find ways to minimize the viruses’ morbidity and mortality. This instructional video provides a rationale for and demonstrations on how to perform osteopathic manipulative techniques for people suffering from viral respiratory syndromes.

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From The Director: 2020 Vision

The power of osteopathy has always been best illustrated by the success individual patients report from receiving manipulative care. The ability to touch, identify real problems that may or may not be perceived by the patient, and to provide relief from or cure of those problems has allowed osteopathy to flourish throughout the 20th century into a global healthcare approach. Science, a process of observation to increase understanding, has developed technologies that significantly improve humans’ ability to make observations. Humanity now has the capacity and opportunity of not only seeing the individual patient at specific moments and extrapolating the effect of care over time, but to observe large numbers of people over extended periods of time to increase understanding of dysfunctions/pathologies and treatment outcomes. In the past decade, DO-Touch.NET has grown from a vision of promoting OMM research to a global practice-based research network, finding ways to help patients and clinicians better understand the impact of osteopathy. As DO-Touch.NET begins its second decade, it has a new 2020 vision to help the osteopathic manipulative medicine community incorporate and sustain technologies in their offices to improve their ability to observe conditions over time,
empower patients to actively contribute to a deeper understanding of their condition and how interventions promote their progression to health. Based on this process, evidence and not just anecdote will demonstrate the true power of osteopathy. This is our 2020 vision, purpose, and passion.

From the Director: Rationale for the Technique of the Month

The mission of DO-Touch.NET is to advance the science of osteopathy.  There are great opportunities and challenges achieving this mission.  One challenge is to assure that what we do, what we say we do, and why we do these approaches are comparable. 

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From the Director: Reflections on 2016

Greetings and happy holidays!

Throughout many parts of the world, the end of the year is a time for thanksgiving, celebration, reflection, assessment, planning, and hope.  Here at the administrative offices of DO-Touch.NET, the network whose purpose is to assist in advancing health through research on osteopathic manipulative medicine, we are thankful for the work that you do and your intention to contribute to real world research in OMM.  In an era of great change within the healthcare system, it is critical now for clinicians and patients to proactively participate in shaping healthcare.  One way of doing this is by contributing to research which establishes the evidence from which healthcare policy is created.

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