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Four simple activities to help fight infections

DO-Touch.NET has been contributing resources to help clinicians and their patients manage their lives during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. After sharing one of our earlier posts, a viewer asked about techniques that someone could do by oneself to help the body resist or recover from an infection.

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Supportive OMT Therapies for COVID-19 Resistance

While scientists work to find specific cures for Covid-19, the medical profession attempts to offer ways to support the body while it fights the disease. Many clinical approaches have been used to help support the body during past viral epidemics, and one has been osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMT).

Your clinician has the training to provide this approach using techniques that have been used over the last century to help people fight against viral infections and pneumonia.

Consider discussing with your osteopathically-trained clinician this video as a potential option to empower your body to resist the effects of this virus.

Thank you to our Practice-Based Research Network member Dr Michael Leins, DO for submitting the following video.