Become a Member

Membership is open to physicians who provide OMM services to their patients. General membership meetings are held annually. Membership applications are reviewed by the Executive Committee on a semi-annual basis.

Member Benefits 

– Opportunity to be involved with and influence the direction of research that will investigate OMM and improve knowledge and clinical care
– Reports on outcomes of interest to participating providers to promote quality improvement
– Access to data for development of approved research studies
– Patient education materials/program information
– Support advancement of validation of the impact of OMT in patient care
– Discounted continuing medical education credits
– Participate in annual general membership meetings
– Participate in a stimulating community dedicated to advancing medicine

Member Requirements

– Completion of member registration forms
– Support ongoing education and development of network
– Commitment to collection of data following network study protocol
– Designated clinician as site director
– On-site coordinator to facilitate data collection
– Completion of NIH online training for protection of human research participants
– Participate in at least on Network study every two years

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Please contact Lisa Norman at 866-626-2878 X2443 if you have any questions.

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