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Membership is open to physicians and clinicians who provide osteopathic manipulation to their patients. General membership meetings are held annually. 

Regional Coordinating Centers

Regional Coordinating Centers work with the Central Coordinating Center located at the AT Still Research Institute to help DO-Touch.NET meet its mission. Regional Coordinating Centers assist in recruiting members into DO-Touch.NET from their region/organization, recruit clinicians interested in participating in research studies from their network members, facilitate communication between the Central Coordinating Center and their membership, translate data collection tools into the local language, and assist with data entry.

To become a Regional Coordinating Center, the applicant organization needs to demonstrate adequate resources/personnel to perform their responsibilities and have at least 30 members of their organization registered as individual members of DO-Touch.NET. A letter of intent from the applicant organization will be reviewed by the Central Coordinating Center staff to ensure -eligibility and by the DO-Touch.NET Executive Committee on a semi-annual basis for approval of Regional Coordinating Center status.

 Member Benefits 

– Opportunity to influence the direction of research investigating OMM and improving clinical care
– Reports on outcomes of interest to participating providers to promote quality improvement
– Access to data for development of approved research studies
– Support advancement of validation of the impact of OMT in patient care
– Discounted continuing medical education credits
– Participate in annual general membership meetings
– Participate in a stimulating community dedicated to advancing medicine

Member Requirements

– Completion of member registration forms
– Support ongoing education and development of network
– Commitment to collection of data following network study protocol
– Participate in at least one DO-Touch.NET sponsored research study every five years

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