Our Network

DO-Touch.NET, Doctors of Osteopathy Treating with OMM: Usefulness in Current Healthcare, is a practice-based research network sponsored by A.T. Still University.

Founded in 2010 by the A.T. Still Research Institute, DO-Touch.NET has over 800 members, representing over 20 countries and six continents, with regional coordinating centers in Brazil and Germany.

Mission, Purpose, and Values

Our mission is to evaluate and advance the practice of osteopathic manipulative medicine.

Our purpose is to create and sustain a network of clinicians engaged in the assessment of the clinical usefulness of OMM.


– We value a practice of medicine that promotes health and optimizes humans’ inherent healing capacity.
– We value and promote the advancement of osteopathic medicine through research by supporting clinicians who integrate research into the daily practice of medicine.
– We value, promote and produce research that translates easily into primary care.

Network Summary

DO-Touch.NET is a network of member clinics who work toward gathering information from patients who receive osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) to learn more about how patients respond to OMT. The network has members across the United States in order to learn from a diverse population.

Our Executive Committee consists of administrative representatives from each network member. This committee meets monthly to guide the direction of the network, offer ongoing monitoring of the protocol and process, share ideas for future developments, and to provide direction to the administrative team.

Site Directors and Site Coordinators are on-site at each member clinic to ensure success of the program at their agency. They are the local champions of this network and work diligently to ensure protocol adherence and successful recruitment of patients and data collection. Initial set-up and training is provided at their site. Site Coordinators meet monthly for ongoing support and guidance.

Participating physicians at each site promote success of the program at their agency by providing participant condition and treatment information. Additionally, each year, participating physicians complete a background questionnaire sharing information about their education and training.

Patient participation in the research network is critical to the success of the program. Willing patients voluntarily share information during the office visit with the research assistant who enters it into an electronic data collection system. Patients complete a brief follow-up questionnaire for seven days after their visit. This information is also entered into the data collection system.

The collected data is routinely evaluated and analyzed. Reports are developed periodically to share information with members. Published articles will be shared with the medical community and translated for use in the clinical environment to provide evidenced-based quality care for patients seeking OMT.