Technique of the Month Results: March 2020

Check out the RESULTS from the March 2020 Technique of the Month! We reviewed a technique classified by the demonstrator as Lymphatic Drainage Technique.

What were respondents’ choices to classify the demonstrated technique?

  • 16 of 35 respondents (46%) indicated Lymphatic Drainage Technique as their first choice for categorizing this technique. Other technique categories with over 10% of respondents were Myofascial Release and Visceral Manipulation (5/35 or 14%, each) and Muscle Energy (4/35 or 11%).
  • 66% (23/35) of respondents listed Lymphatic Drainage Technique as one of their first 3 choices for categorizing this technique. Myofascial Release (12/35 or 34%) and Visceral Manipulation (8/35 or 23%) also had a high percentage of respondents.

What did respondents say when they learned the technique demonstrator classified the technique as Lymphatic Drainage Technique?

  • Respondents who Agreed with the Classification of the Demonstrated Technique (Lymphatic Drainage Technique was one of their 3 choices)
    • It appeared to be directed at the diaphragm to then secondarily have a lymphatic effect.
    • Lymphatic drainage is an outcome, but I don’t know that it describes the technique itself. The technique is working on soft tissues of the diaphragm and the intercostals.
  • Respondents who Disagreed with Classification of the Demonstrated Technique (Lymphatic Drainage Technique was not one of their 3 choices)
    • Bio mechanical release of diaphragm, didnt really think of what it was for thought more of the ‘class of forces applied ‘. Agree wholly treating diaphragm improves lymph flow!
    • Myofascially followed the movement indirectly.
    • I did not hear the sound, I just watched the video and it looked like direct MFR for the diaphragm, so I put that and visceral.
    • I was in doubt.. maybe I didn’t pay too much attention to the video!
    • The use of breath against the resistance of the practitioner resembled MET, although on reflection the springing off at the end is not similar to MET.

Did you miss your chance to review the March 2020 Technique of the Month video? Check it out and see whether you agree that the technique demonstrated falls into the category of Lymphatic Drainage Technique.

Our thanks to Lilia-Valerie Rohmann for demonstrating this Technique of the Month and to our volunteer patient, Zane Starks!

What do you think about the classification of this demonstrated technique as Lymphatic Drainage Technique? Let’s talk about this below!

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