Four simple activities to help fight infections

DO-Touch.NET has been contributing resources to help clinicians and their patients manage their lives during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. After sharing one of our earlier posts, a viewer asked about techniques that someone could do by oneself to help the body resist or recover from an infection.

Presented here is a self-help video that demonstrates some activities that may be helpful not only during this pandemic but as an approach to help establish and maintain long term health.

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11 thoughts on “Four simple activities to help fight infections”

  1. Thanks for giving us this wonderful instruction for our daily Healthcare and our Fluid body’, from Germany, Offenbach am Main herzliche und kollegiale Grüße

  2. Vielen herzlichen Dank, ich werde es meinen Patienten zuhause weiterempfehlen, die ich nur noch per Telefon erreichen kann.

  3. Thank you for the very clear and helpful exercises and explanations. The video is a great tool for patients and colleagues alike!
    Best wishes for health and happiness,

  4. Muito obrigado ao Dr Brian Degenhardt e toda a equipe do por compartilhar orientações simples, mas que podem ser muito úteis a nós osteopatas, amigos e pacientes.
    É um prazer para nós da Associação dos Osteopatas do Brasil estarmos participando desse projeto.
    Agora também disponível em português.

    Saúde e felicidades a todos!

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