Technique of the Month Results: June 2020

Check out the RESULTS from the June 2020 Technique of the Month! We reviewed a technique classified by the demonstrator as Muscle Energy.

What were respondents’ choices to classify the demonstrated technique?

  • A majority of respondents (31/42, 74%) indicated Muscle Energy as their first choice for categorizing this technique.
  • 86% (36/42) of respondents listed Muscle Energy as one of their first 3 choices.

What did respondents say when they learned the technique demonstrator classified the technique as Muscle Energy?

  • Respondents who Agreed with the Classification of the Demonstrated Technique (Muscle Energy was one of their 3 choices)
    • Nice demo and explanation!
    • Both the method of diagnosis and the description thereof were confusing and in certain respects invalid: for example, translation of C2 does NOT evaluate side bending of C2 but rather, physiologically, induces side bending of C3 on C2 and progressively caudally as additional force is applied and of at least the occiput, if not to a limited extent the atlas, on C2 as well.
    • I would like to see in the future maybe a break down of the different types of MET
  • Respondents who Disagreed with Classification of the Demonstrated Technique (Muscle Energy was not one of their 3 choices)
    • ser na direção da facilitação (from Google Translate: be in the direction of facilitation)

Did you miss your chance to review the June 2020 Technique of the Month video? Check it out and see whether you agree that the technique demonstrated falls into the category of Muscle Energy.

Our thanks to Jonathon Kirsch, DO, for demonstrating this Technique of the Month and to our volunteer patient, Melissa Comstock!

What do you think about the classification of this demonstrated technique as Muscle Energy? Let’s talk about this below!

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