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A room with people watching a presentation.

PBRN Annual Meeting 2020

 G. Franklin  2020-03-18

(Colorado Springs, Colorado) DO-Touch.NET Practice-Based Research Network’s (PBRN) 2020 annual meeting was held on 2020.03.11 just before the start of…

Seven people sitting around a table speaking and listening while a slideshow is playing on a large monitor in the background.

Residency Research Enrichment Program

 G. Franklin  2020-03-18

(Colorado Springs, Colorado.) On the Tuesday before the AAO Convocation DO-Touch.NET sponsored a Residency Research Enrichment Program to showcase the…

Residency Research Enrichment Program announced

 Jane Johnson  2019-01-07

Occurring just prior to the AAO Convocation on Tuesday evening (March 12, 2019; 6:30 PM—9:00 PM at the Rosen Shingle…

Join us at the 2019 Annual Meeting!

 Jane Johnson  2019-01-07

Just prior to the AAO Convocation, DO-Touch.NET will host our Annual Meeting on Wednesday morning (March 13, 2019; 7:30 AM-12:00…

From the Director: Breaking news from 2018 Annual Meeting

 Brian Degenhardt  2018-06-01

For three years, we have been given the opportunity to hold the DO-Touch.NET annual meeting just before the AAO Convocation. …

From the Director: Participation in the OMT safety study

 Brian Degenhardt  2016-02-01

As you are well aware, we are planning our 4th DO-Touch.NET Annual Meeting which will precede the AAO Convocation in…