From the Director: Breaking news from 2018 Annual Meeting

For three years, we have been given the opportunity to hold the DO-Touch.NET annual meeting just before the AAO Convocation.  As with each year, this year we left Dallas with tremendous outcomes and energy.  At previous annual meetings, we have focused on building a research culture in OMM. 

This year’s program focused on “breaking news” and I am confident to break the news that DO-Touch.NET has a well established clinical research culture in OMM that thrives as membership grows to 500 and the number who have contributed data to the network’s research expands to 111.  Grants are being written, data is being processed, analyzed, and interpreted.  Members are being coordinated into writing teams to help facilitate the dissemination of the numerous outcomes generated by DO-Touch.NET studies.  Members are being recognized for their contribution to DO-Touch.NET studies and they are taking advantage of free/reduced cost CME by participating in the network’s annual research and education meeting and the advanced palpation training programs available to DO-Touch.NET members.   The opportunities and potential for osteopathic manipulative medicine clinicians to advance the practice of OMM through the scientific method is unprecedented.  We welcome all new members, we congratulate established members for their contributions and we encourage everyone to get involved!