Technique of the Month Results: November 2019

Check out the RESULTS from the November 2019 Technique of the Month! We reviewed a technique classified by the demonstrator as Visceral Manipulation.

What were respondents’ choices to classify the demonstrated technique?

  • A majority of respondents (62%, 38/61) indicated that Visceral Manipulation was their first choice for classifying the demonstrated technique. An additional 20% (12/61) indicated that Lymphatic Drainage Technique was their first choice.
  • 85% (52/61) of respondents had Visceral Manipulation as one of their 3 choices for classifying the demonstrated technique and 44% (27/61) had Lymphatic Drainage Technique.

What did respondents say when they learned the technique demonstrator classified the technique as Visceral Manipulation?

  • Respondents who Agreed with the Classification of the Demonstrated Technique (Visceral Manipulation was one of their 3 choices)
    • Agreed. Also could call it a rib-raising technique, but this was not on the list.
    • I was wondering, given the addition of vibration if this technique was not limited to the ligamentous attachments, but was also directed at possible hepatic parenchymal dysfunctions.
    • Foie Vidange (Liver drainage)
  • Respondents who Disagreed with Classification of the Demonstrated Technique (Visceral Manipulation was not one of their 3 choices)
    • It seemed like a very nonspecific technique. No diagnosis was given or even what he was trying to achieve. It could have been a LVHA technique on the ribs, a lymphatic technique because of the vibratory motion he was using, etc.
    • The practitioner was commenting on hand placement over the rib cage and appeared to be affecting the superficial muscular and joint related structures of the rib cage. I did not get the impression that he was addressing the visceral structures.
    • I (evidently mistakenly) thought that the practitioner was working on the lower ribs with an AP contact.

Did you miss your chance to review the November 2019 Technique of the Month video? Check it out and see whether you agree that the technique demonstrated falls into the category of Visceral Manipulation.

Our thanks to Rogério Queiroz for demonstrating this Technique of the Month and to our volunteer patient, Zane Starks!

What do you think about the classification of this demonstrated technique as Visceral Manipulation? Let’s talk about this below!

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