Submit your own Technique of the Month video

Calling all DO-Touch.NET members!!! We would like all of you to participate in our technique classification series by submitting your own DO-Touch.NET video.  Please remember that we have recently changed the protocols for the video recording of techniques and each video should include the the following 3 W’s.

1. Where?

State where you are placing your hands and what anatomical structures you are contacting. What structure/tissue is your treatment intended to affect?

2. What?

State what you are doing with your hands without using any references to the name of the technique being used.  For example, do not say, “I am pressing on the counterstrain tender point,” or “I am articulating”. Do describe the pressure you are applying and the motions you are making.

3. Why?

Briefly tell us what your intentions are for the technique you are demonstrating.

If you have questions about submitting a video or would like other information about DO-Touch.NET activities, please contact Lisa Norman ( for more information.