Category: Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Karen Snider, DO

 Jane Johnson  2019-08-07

My career has been dedicated to the advancement of osteopathic principles and practice (OPP). I have worked to advocate for…

Member Spotlight: Angela Reiβmann

 Jane Johnson  2018-09-07

I look back at my life and am grateful for the friends who have supported me on the way to…

Member Spotlight: Regina Fleming, DO

 Jane Johnson  2018-09-04

Vice Chair, OMM Department, NYITCOM Board Certified: Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and OMM DO-Touch.NET Member Since 2015

Member Spotlight: Katharina Engemann

 Jane Johnson  2018-06-01

My name is Katharina Engemann and I live in Bremen, Germany.  I have been practicing osteopathy for 20 years in…

Member Spotlight: Jay Danto, DO

 Jane Johnson  2018-06-01

My family possesses a postcard that’s over a century old of my grandfather sitting on a political council in Lithuania…

Member Spotlight: Katherine Worden, DO, MS

 Jane Johnson  2017-11-01

The steps that brought me to become a Clinician doing research:

Member Spotlight: Almut Boltz

 Jane Johnson  2017-11-01

I learned of Andrew Taylor Still in my first hour at College Sutherland.  He had been a doctor, preacher, and…

Member Spotlight: Richard Feely, DO

 Jane Johnson  2017-06-04

Dr. Feely is in private practice in downtown Chicago at the Feely Center for Optimal Health, a small group practice…