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From the Director: Accident, Intention, or Observation

Whether it begins by accident (Pasteur and Penicillin) or by intention (AT Still and Osteopathy), advances in human existence occurs through systematically collected serial observations.   In the 21st century, human kind is constantly collecting observations. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google estimates that “every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.” 

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From the Director: Reflections on 2016

Greetings and happy holidays!

Throughout many parts of the world, the end of the year is a time for thanksgiving, celebration, reflection, assessment, planning, and hope.  Here at the administrative offices of DO-Touch.NET, the network whose purpose is to assist in advancing health through research on osteopathic manipulative medicine, we are thankful for the work that you do and your intention to contribute to real world research in OMM.  In an era of great change within the healthcare system, it is critical now for clinicians and patients to proactively participate in shaping healthcare.  One way of doing this is by contributing to research which establishes the evidence from which healthcare policy is created.

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From the Director: Participation in the OMT safety study

As you are well aware, we are planning our 4th DO-Touch.NET Annual Meeting which will precede the AAO Convocation in Orlando, FL, on March 16, 2016.  This pre-conference workshop will focus on adverse events in manual medicine and will offer up to 8.5 category 1-A CME credit at a reduced rate to DO-Touch.NET members. 

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From the Director: Studies begin and end.

It has been quite an exciting year for DO-Touch.NET. At the end of August we completed the data collection phase of the OMM Utilization Study funded by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). We are preparing to launch our new OMT Adverse Events Study in November. We also had our third annual Network Membership Meeting in September. Yes, the network has been quite busy. 

Our third annual Network Membership Meeting was quite a success, held in Kirksville on September 4-6. In attendance were representatives from Capital Region Medical Center,  Jefferson City, MO; Crossroads Premiere Health Care, Corvallis, OR; Kirksville Family Medicine, Kirksville, MO; Kirksville OMM Clinic, Kirksville, MO; Midwestern University Clinic, Glendale, AZ; Rocky Mountain Integrative Medicine, Ridgway, CO; and William J. Brooks, DO, PC, Kansas City, MO. The meeting fostered insightful discussions surrounding diagnoses that are addressed with OMT, diversity of manual diagnostic and therapeutic skills, and input on how to improve our current studies. We also hosted our first webinar detailing an interim analysis of data from the OMM Utilization Study and overviewing the methods and tools we will use in the OMT Adverse Events Study. Replay of the webinar will be available to all DO-Touch.NET members, so watch your email for details. In addition, everyone in attendance received 20 hours of category 1A CME credit from the AOA at no cost.  Overall, the third annual Network Membership Meeting was extremely productive and we hope you will join us next year for the fourth annual meeting!

I am pleased and eager to announce that DO-Touch.NET has received funding from the AAO and ATSU for our new study on patient-reported adverse events from OMT.   Please see page two for an article detailing the study and how to get involved!

In addition, research from DO-Touch.NET was recently published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association on the preliminary findings of the pilot OMM Utilization Study (March 2014, Vol 114, No. 3, pp 154-170). Jane Johnson, DO-Touch.NET Associate Director, will be presenting additional findings from our pilot OMM Utilization Study at the OMED Annual Research Conference coming up in Seattle on October 26. Please come visit us at the poster session Sunday afternoon and see the product of the Network’s efforts. We look forward to seeing you all there.