Jane, Brain, and friend, touch feet as a safe greeting at Convocation

Did we see you at the 2020 AAO Convocation?

The 2020 AAO Convocation in Colorado Springs provided an opportunity to visit “elbow-to-elbow” at the booth with our DO-Touch.NET family and welcome our newest family members from around the globe.

Brian, Lisa, and Jane greet members of the PBRN at the DO-Touch.NET booth.
Speaking to members from the DO-Touch.NET booth.

We are excited to have over 25 new members joining us in our mission to evaluate and advance the practice of osteopathic manipulative medicine. If you were unable to attend Convo this year and missed the opportunity, don’t fear! You too can join us by completing our membership registration form (but first you have to prove you’re not a robot ).

A number of people sit around a table looking at a presentation being displayed on a television.
Watching a presentation at the Annual Meeting

DO-Touch.NET would like to send a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to Gennie Watts and Sherrie Quarles of the AAO for assisting us during the 2020 AAO Convocation. We are especially grateful to our presenters, Brian F. Degenhardt, DO, C-NMM/OMM, Jane C. Johnson, MA, and Michael Dohm, MD. We also want to express our gratitude to our booth greeters, Geoffroey-Allen S. Franklin, MBA, Jane. C. Johnson, MA, and Lisa Norman, BS, PMP.

Jane and Lisa waving from behind a display table in the convocation booth for DO-Touch.NET.

We are looking forward to sharing our new study ideas and other updates about OMT research during the coming year and are excited to see everyone at the 2021 AAO Convocation in Texas.

New members learn about the PBRN and fill out membership forms.

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