Member Spotlight: Barbara Zajdel, DO

Dr. Zajdel graduated from The University of New England in 1999. She is currently practicing at BMS Integrated Health, PLC and is an Assistant Professor in the department of OMM at Michigan State University. Dr. Zajdel believes it is important to generate Osteopathic research utilizing physicians who are board certified in NMM and can apply individualized treatments to their patients. As utilized by DO-Touch.NET, multicenter trials allow for the numbers to be generated to obtain statistical significance to prove the benefits of OMT.  

Fun Facts

When Dr. Zajdel is not working, she enjoys spending time with her 21 month old son. Dr. Zajdel’s other interested include cooking, kayaking, and reading by the pool.

Author: Jane Johnson
I am Jane Johnson, MA, the Associate Director of DO-Touch.NET and a Research Assistant Professor with the A.T. Still Research Institute. As a statistician who is passionate about osteopathic manipulation, I spend my time on designing, analyzing, and publishing research about OMT.