Member Spotlight: Martin Verhoff

My way to Osteopathy.

During my work as Physiotherapist, my first contact with Osteopathy was 16 years ago by a colleague. I had the luck to have the Still Academy near my residence. Today after several additional trainings and qualifications, I still appreciate this “basic training”.

The interesting thing about osteopathy is to solve the exciting daily challenge of finding the dysfunctions of my patients in the anatomical and physiological context and to counter this with the osteopathic philosophy. For me, osteopathy is a natural science that makes me understand life and the living. For several years I have been especially interested in the interrelationship between the somatic structure and the emotional sensations. My Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis was about the influence of Osteopathy in patients with somatoform autonomic disorders.

Five years ago, I launched a project, in collaboration with the town where I practice. This project gives every mother the opportunity to get an osteopathic examination together with her infant. The municipality takes a large part of the costs and this project continues to be a great success.

In Germany we are in a phase of important decisions regarding the future practice of Osteopathy. I have been a member of the VOD for 14 years and I support the claim of the VOD, which is consistently supporting the creation of the independent profession of the Osteopath. In recent years, osteopathy has gained great popularity and acceptance in

Germany, which is due to the informative and enlightening public relations work of the VOD.

Scientific studies are needed to further advance this development. For me the cooperation with DO-TOUCH.NET is an important link. With these international studies, results with many research subjects could be achieved and by the international participation the general valid criteria of Osteopathy can be depicted, e.g. for insurance companies. The scientific claim should correspond to the entire osteopathic philosophy. By a fragmentation of Osteopathy only for scientific reasons, Osteopathy would lose its immense potential and thus its identity. In today’s high-tech medicine, I see a great opportunity for Osteopathy, which has always been understood as a humanistic medicine, to complement school medicine.

My spare time I spend with sports, hiking with my wife and reading books.  We are both Greece fans.

All the best with our osteopathy and always satisfied patients.